Best Amazon Wholesale Product Sourcing Software

Best Amazon wholesale sourcing software

In the Amazon world, each vendor can operate in two forms: wholesale and wholesale. These two types of activities differ, and the activity as wholesale seller is more sensitive than the one-selling type, and you should be sure to have sufficient and complete information about this before you start doing so. In this article, we are going to introduce you the best software and tools for wholesale product sourcing so that you can make a good profit from the sale of major products. Follow us to learn about these tools.

How much money you need for Amazon wholesale?

To start a wholesale business on Amazon, you will need the capital to purchase the products you will sell in bulk at a discounted price from the manufacturer or supplier. The amount of money you will need will depend on the type of products you are interested in selling and the quantity you purchase.
Generally, it is a good idea to have enough capital to purchase at least a few months’ worth of inventory, as well as money for any upfront costs such as setting up a seller account, marketing your products, and covering any fees associated with selling on Amazon. It is also a good idea to have a cushion of extra funds to cover unexpected expenses.
It isn’t easy to give a specific amount of money that you will need for a wholesale business on Amazon, as it will depend on your specific business model and its costs. It is essential to thoroughly research the market and your product costs and to create a solid business plan to ensure that you clearly understand the costs involved and how you will fund your business.

What is Wholesale Product Sourcing Software?

You’ve probably already become familiar with the tools that are sourcing for product. These tools introduce products that have a good ROI for you and make you needless of Quirch and extra time to find the product for sale. You can also use these tools for wholesale, but there are proprietary wholesale selling tools that are different from the product sourcing tools of the sales, which is that it is possible to upload your products to these websites so that the tools sort your products based on profit or any other component you want.

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Of course, this feature is also available in some product sourcing tools, but its main application is in sourcing products for wholesale. In the following, we introduce some popular and practical software in this regard.

1) ScanUnlimited

The company is one of the lesser-known companies for wholesale product sourcing. Good facilities and fair price made scanUnlimited the first site we want to introduce to you ScanFair companions. There are two plans for this website, whose limited plan is free and is an occasion for those who are new to amazon’s sales world or are looking to test this tool. In contrast, there is another plan for Amazon professionals, whose current fee is $60 a month, which if you buy this tool annually, the price drops to $50. If you want to learn more about this website and use its free plan, click here. In the image below, you can see the difference between scanUnlimited’s free and professional dual-plan capabilities.

2) Wholesale Inspector

This website is designed specifically for scanning wholesale files. You can use its 5 days free trial to test the performance of the software and tools. There is no specific price available from the plans on this website. In the video below, you can see the user environment of this software.

For more information and to register on the Wholesale Inspector website, click here.

3) AsinWiser

This website is a complete package for wholesale vendors. The software can be used in 19 market place as specified in the image below.

The only drawback to this company is the low variety of its plans and the expensiveness of its services in such a way that it is not very cost-effective for newcomer vendors or those who want to use this website for the first time.

The last price available for Asinwiser plans there is €99 per month.


Currently, there are 3 active and reputable wholesale product sourcing tools that we introduced all websites in this article to your fair scan companions. If you know another tool that is suitable for wholesale product sourcing, contact us via comments or email addresses Below, we will answer frequently asked questions about wholesale sourcing.

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