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What is BQool?

BQool is a smart Amazon repricer tool that can he

BQool is a smart Amazon repricer tool that can help you to increase your sale, profit, and buy box price. You can use BQool for 14 days free. Also, you don’t need any credit card to use your 14 days’ free trials. If you want to increase your sale and use all BQool features for free, click here.

BQool Coupon Codes

There are 2 active coupon codes for the BQool website. One of the codes is for new users, and the other is for existing customers.

  • New Customers Coupon Code: OHALNFDUWA 

With this code, New users get 2 months free on $100 repricing annual plan and higher .

  • Existing Customers Coupon Code: RG1UMH3OOW 

with this code, existing users get 2 months free on upgrading to $100 repricing annual plan and higher.

BQool Pricing

BQool has several plans for their customers. You can see monthly plans of BQool below:

  • Plan A: 25$ per month 0 Listing Available
  • Plan B: 50$ per month 10 Listing Available
  • Plan C: 100$ per month 1000 Listing Available
  • Plan D: 200$ per month 6000 Listing Available
  • Plan E: 300$ per month 15000 Listing Available

You can see full comparison of plans in the link below:

Is BQool legit?

The short answer to this question is yes. BQool is one of the oldest websites in the field of Amazon repricing. If it is your first time using BQool, we recommend using 14 day free trial of this website.

Is BQool free?

No, BQool is not free, but if you are a new user of this website, you can use all services of BQool free for 2 weeks.

Does BQool work with PayPal?

Yes, you can purchase in the BQool website in several ways like master card, visa card, etc. PayPal is supported by the BQool website too.

Is BQool worth it?

Comparing BQool with the competitors indicates that BQool prices are mostly cheaper, and most of the previous customers were satisfied with this website.

You can use this website’s 2 weeks free plan to check its workability.

How BQool works?

BQool would have a Next Generation AI-Powered Amazon Repricer.

Also, BQool has a software that has a complete sales, marketing, and service solution designed to empower you to be an Amazon Top Seller.

Where is BQool Based?

BQool is a SaaS company founded in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. 40 employees work in this company.

Who owns BQool?

The identity of the founder of BQool has not yet been published on LinkedIn or anywhere else.

Is BQool a safe website?

Yes, there isn’t any scam report submission for the BQool website from 2012.

Does BQool sell your information?

A company like BQool is one of the biggest service providers for Amazon retailers. Smaller companies usually sell data to other people, and larger companies do not need the revenue from the sale of this data.

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How BQool make money?

The income source of BQool company is from selling subscriptions to their customers. You can see the pricing of this company above.

How do you use Bqool?

BQool and what it is, it’s an Amazon seller software suite that deals with things like repricing feedback rating and review management content. I’ll get into all that here in a moment. What’s nice about there’s no credit card required. There is a free trial you can start right away, and it’s very easy and intuitive. So even if you know a little bit leery when I say software suite, you’re like, ” Oh great, I gotta learn whole new software packages to sell on Amazon. Don’t think that way because you’ll be using it in minutes once you check it out, and that’s a guarantee. Even the biggest newcomer could get into it and not have a single problem. I sell a lot on Amazon, so I’m always looking for ways to kind of up my competition with others to do well to kind of beat out those, and I’ve been dealing with this for a long time on Amazon, and this has been kind of my edge my go-to when I need that the reason. Why is it because all the things they give you are tools for being an Amazon seller first, and I think the best one is the repricing tool they have? What it is it’s called repricing central, and it’s very fast, reliable, and comprehensive. I should add repricing solutions that can be your competitors, and I’ll earn them because they’ll take all the latest price and get it from Amazon. They’ll ensure accuracy; you’re not getting to know outdated data and will lock you in to make a great sale and maximize your profit. so, you’re beating out all your competitors by offering the best price love that if you know anything about something Amazon you know that a lot of it is all about getting that first spot whenever a search comes up. Because people tend to look at that, and maybe one or two after that, if you’re not in those first few positions, you know people aren’t going to click the tenth position down. I mean, maybe because you’re geographically closer to them. Maybe that’s a big reason for a person to buy your product versus all the thousands of others being sold, but most of the time, it comes down to pricing. So if you’re out-pricing people, you’re going to sell on Amazon, and the best way to do this is by offering at the lowest price. Even if it’s just by a penny, you get that top spot, so I love the repricing tool. For that reason, your ability to do that consistently and without all the painstaking work of doing it on your own looking through every product, don’t you know. In a way, for you, I love that because I sell hundreds of products so. If you sell thousands, it’s invaluable reviews ok, so you know you want to protect your brand. You want to make sure that you’re ok and review Central’s in the private market that collects and organizes your product reviews. So that makes it easy for you to know your sports team to contact your customers to resolve issues. This is good because you know getting quality reviews is the name of the game on Amazon. One of the biggest things I do personally is whenever I want to buy something on Amazon, which I buy a lot from Amazon is that I look at the reviews, and I look at the negative use; I never look at the positive. Because usually, I just feel like I can’t trust them, but I always look at the negative because that means somebody was so upset they went on that, you know, that product review board and left a message because of something they didn’t like and usually. That’s where the truth is now granted, many people you know if you have a competitor or they can leave fake reviews, and I get that I want to rely on Amazon’s quality control team to make sure that doesn’t frequently happen, at least. I hope it doesn’t, but more often than not, you see a lot of the same problems come up with the product. It’ll be spread out over many different negative reviews, and in that way, you see what a product is all about, so in this way, you can do the something you protect your brand. If you see a product of yours that is consistently having the same issue, you can use the central review board to see that repeatedly. You can go and correct that solution and then let all those people know, hey, that problem is fixed, and you can try our product, and that’s so wonderful because again cuts out a lot of leg time. If you have many products, even if you don’t have much privacy, it’s important to know your reviews. So I think that’s very good also too. You can, of course, secure your seller and feedback rating making it great, and you know you do that by automatically sending feedback requests to your customers. So you can automatically respond to a neutral, negative request with the feedback and secure tool you’re able to send those automated feedback requests, and believe it or not, they work, you will get much feedback in that regard. The last thing that I like about the tools with BQool is that you can find the hottest products on Amazon with their product research tool. They use something called Big Data, that’s their product research tool name, and it’s very comprehensive. Use a lot of data analytics to research millions of top-selling products at Amazon to get the big picture. You can make selections and try to resell those based on data-driven choices. So if you’re a reseller, there you go. You can’t beat it. BQool is just one of those cool little software Suites. You didn’t even know it existed, and now you do, and if you are a seller on Amazon, it’s an absolute must-have. Because if you are special, you’re signing a hundred products over thousands. This helps you aggregate data quickly and efficiently to make you a better seller on Amazon, which is what we all need. We need better sellers, people who are all about quality, all about selling the right things, and of course, you want to make money so you can keep selling on Amazon, and BQool will help you do that as well. Do yourself a favor. Check it out for yourself. You can visit the site directly at Trumpets net backslash BQool once again. That’s traffic stop net TR Apix nut backslash BQool now remember ID saying BQool but does it sound like that, so it’s traffic starting at TRApix net backslash book. You’ll see for yourself exactly how awesome the software suite is. I think you’re going to agree with me that it is something that you didn’t even realize you needed, and once you have it, you’re never going to stop using it. That’s been the case with me. I love it, can’t live without it. I can’t even believe I live this long without it. No, I’m happy I have it, and you will too. So click the link, get on it, and check it out for yourself to see what I’m talking about. Like I said, free trial. You can start it and see even test it. If you like it, great. Keep it if not, you know what to do all right, so have fun with it. That’s called BQool. Take care, guys. Good luck with all the selling endeavors, I hope, and I wish you nothing but the best profits on Amazon that you can have, and would BQool you’re gonna get them to take care of you.

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