FeedbackWhiz Reviews & Pricing in 2022

Feedback Whiz is a famous company among Amazon sellers.

What is FeedbackWhiz & What Does it Do?

This company does not just consist of a tool, but various valuable tools for Amazon sellers have been created in this company that will help you sell more.
The first tool of FeedbackWhiz is called order management. This tool lets you see all details about your orders on one screen, and you can use this data to analyze, check and finally increase your sale.
The second tool is the feedback manager. Suppose you want to receive a notification whenever you get a negative review and send customized emails automatically to your customers to increase their satisfaction. In that case, the FeedbackWhiz feedback manager tool will do all these tasks for you.
The accounting system of FeedbackWhiz company gives you a profit and other financial reports for all your products. Then you can see which product is profitable for you and which is not.
Just turn off your internet and enjoy your day. FeedbackWhiz monitoring system will notify you of all events like price shifting, title changes, new product reviews on your products, hijackers activity, etc.
FeedbackWhiz is not only made for, but you can use it in 20 countries except Amazon US.

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FeedbackWhiz Pricing

Accounting plans of FeedbackWhiz consist of 3 Starter, Basic & Professional plans.
The starter plan is 19.99$ per month, the basic plan is 49.99$, and you should pay 99.99$ per month. In the below picture, you can see more details about accounting plans:

Emailing and review manager tool of FeedbackWhiz consist of 5 different plans.
The good news is that this tool has a free plan that is proper for new Amazon sellers. Other plans are named the starter, basic, professional, and the ultimate.
The starter plan is 19.99$ per month; the basic plan is 39.99$; the professional plan is 79.99$ per month; and the ultimate plan is 139.99$.
Note that if you buy an annual subscription, you’ll get a 20% discount for each plan. Here is the more detail about each plan:

FeedbackWhiz Promo Codes

Use the below code to get a 50% discount for all of FeedbackWhiz plans:

  • ALPHAS50

FeedbackWhiz FAQ

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