InvisibleHand Extension Reviews + Frequently Asked Questions

What is InvisibleHand Extension?

For example, you are looking for a hotel or airplane ticket, or maybe you need to rent a cat. In this situation, the first thing everyone does is searching on google or other similar websites. Invisible Hand appears on top of websites, and if it finds a cheaper offer, it will show you at the top of the website. You can check the URL of cheaper sellers by clicking on the top of the websites. For more info about this extension, click on the link below:

How Does Invisible Hand Extension Works?

Invisible Hand works by analyzing the user’s search and finding similar products with the same query. If the price of detected products were lower than your looking page, it would alert you.

How to Use InvisibleHand Extension?

First of all, you need to download the extension. There are two ways to download this extension. First, go to this address (, and second is, visit web address.

Invisible Hand extension work space.

Invisible Hand Pricing & Coupons

Invisible Hand is 100% free, So you don’t need any coupon code and pay the price to use this extension.

Pros & Cons of Invisible Hand Extension

The “invisible hand” concept refers to the idea that market forces can lead to unintended social and economic benefits. The term was coined by economist Adam Smith, who argued that individuals pursuing their self-interest in a free market would ultimately benefit society through the operation of supply and demand.
One of the main pros of the invisible hand extension is that it can lead to efficient resource allocation. When individuals and businesses are free to make their own economic decisions, they will tend to allocate resources to maximize their profits. This can lead to a more efficient use of resources, as they will be directed towards their most valuable uses.
Another pro of the invisible hand extension is that it can promote innovation and progress. When businesses are free to compete with one another, they have the incentive to develop new products and technologies to gain a competitive advantage. This can lead to the developing of new and improved goods and services, which can benefit society as a whole.
However, there are also some potential cons of the invisible hand extension. One is that it can lead to income inequality, as some individuals and businesses may be more successful than others in a free market. Another is that it can lead to negative externalities, such as pollution or other social costs that are not reflected in market prices.
Overall, the invisible hand extension is a complex and controversial concept, and its pros and cons depend on various factors, including the economic and social context in which it operates.

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What Are the Best Alternatives for Invisible Hand Extension?

Invisible Hand is a browser extension that helps users find the best prices on products and services when shopping online. If you’re looking for alternatives to Invisible Hand, there are several other options you might consider. Some popular alternatives include:


This extension automatically searches for coupon codes and applies the best one to your purchase at checkout. It also offers price comparison and alerts for price drops on products you’re interested in.


This extension allows you to track the price of products on Amazon and receive alerts when the price drops. It also provides historical price data so you can see how the price has changed over time.


Similar to CamelCamelCamel, Keepa allows you to track the price of products on Amazon and receive price drop alerts. It also offers additional features such as the ability to set up price alerts for products on other websites.


This extension provides access to a large community of shoppers who share deals and discounts on a wide variety of products and services. It also offers price comparison and alerts for price drops on products you’re interested in.


This extension provides access to a large database of coupon codes and discounts for online shopping. It also offers price comparison and alerts for price drops on products you’re interested in.

It’s worth noting that these extensions may not be available on all web browsers, and some may have limited availability in certain regions. It’s always a good idea to do your own research and compare the features and availability of different extensions before deciding which one is right for you.

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