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OALeads Pricing

OAleads offers three main plans for customers. The first Plan is called MONTHLY PLAN, and it is 99$ per month. The second Plan is called QUARTERLY PLAN, and it is 197$ per 3 months. And the last Plan is the YEARLY PLAN, and it is 697$ for a year. You can see more details about these plans below:

MONTHLY PLAN: 6-10 Leads Per Weekday – 20% Margin ~ 70% ROI ~ $5 Min. Profit – Great BSR Ranking … 150K and lower

QUARTERLY PLAN: 6-10 Leads Per Weekday – 20% Margin ~ 70% ROI ~ $5 Min. Profit – Great BSR Ranking … 150K and lower – Access To Discounted Ungating Services – FREE Arbitrage Training Included

YEARLY PLAN: 6-10 Leads Per Weekday – 20% Margin ~ 70% ROI ~ $5 Min. Profit – Great BSR Ranking … 150K and lower – Access To Discounted Ungating Services – FREE Arbitrage Training Included – 20% Discount on Prep Center Services – Leads are found on the day itself

Everything You Should Know About OALeads

Before walking through the leads, it is better to explain more about OALeads leads. They aim to offer a wide variety of leads that can potentially make you money and

they have no preference for one product or another in that regard. OALeads also try to find products with a decent sales velocity, meaning that customers should sell within three to four months when they source them. They try to keep the PSR below 150,000; however, OALeads urge you not to be blinded by this as a low BSR product with a high number of variations can and most often sell less quickly than an item with a high BSR and no variations at minimum. OALeads try and find five actionable leads every day now this may not seem that much especially compared to companies who offer you 10 15 or even 60 leads per day however please don’t be fooled by quantity of leads as I know from experience that the number of leads you should act upon boil down to maybe one or two every four or five days and that’s if you’re lucky saying Their leads are perfect and that you can sell each and every product on OAL list but even if you can sell only one-fifth you could still make money with the leads we offer to give you a practical example last month we had a total of 145 leads which amounts to six and a half leads per day now the total potential profit was 3108$ and a total of days in that month was 22 which means you could have made a 141$ profit each day now this is based on the fact you can purchase every item on the list and that you buy only one item of each now let’s say you can only purchase 20% or one-fifth of the list this means you make about 28$ a day or 620$ per month. The last thing we would like to mention before moving over to the list is that if you sign up for the first time, you’ll get a 3-day grace period. This means you can try it out for three days, and if you cancel before, you won’t be built next to that. You get three free leads every week if you sign up for OALeads mailing. No strings attached now. If you look at their list, you’ll see that they present it to you nicely and orderly. If we move over to the pricing section or the green section, whatever you like to call it, you see that OALeads put in revenue. You can expect this is the current by box price next to that they put in something most others don’t put in, which are the FBA fees followed by the price you have to pay to retail. They also put in the estimated shipping costs to the Amazon warehouse from your house. To keep these costs as long as possible, you should send in at least 25 items and maybe even 30. generally speaking, our prices are about a dollar fifty. Next to that, you see they put in your profit expressed in the margin, and I do mean margin, not ROI, and your expected profits in dollars. Now what we haven’t put in are the shipping costs from the retailer to your home or prep center. This is not because we were too lazy or that we forgot but simply because these costs are highly variable depending on where you live and how much you buy. OALeads has the yellow section here where they put in all the additional information. You should know that they only do a rudimentary scan of the listing simply because it’s impossible to provide people with a list catered towards your criteria so please make sure you do your due diligence and don’t blindly buy items from the list without doing a check yourself if you’d like to learn how to do all of this yourself then I’m happy to say that OALeads offers an online arbitrage training course you can find more information on oaleads.com.

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OALeads Coupon Code

There aren’t any active coupon code for OALeads.com. We will add the code on Scanfair website, whenever we received an active coupon code.

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