Best Amazon Product Researching Tools

Best tools for product researching on Amazon.

Product research is a massive part of running your Amazon FBA business. Amazon can be the most powerful tool available for finding the following product that will take your company to success. If you’re not doing enough of it, you should be! It’s important to have an organized way to collect data on product sales and customer reviews to make smart decisions when choosing which products to sell on Amazon. That’s where this list comes in: we’ve compiled all of our favorite tools for product research into one place so you can find them all in one place.

Sonar by Sellics

Sonar by Sellics is a tool that helps you to find profitable products to sell on Amazon. Sonar has a database of over 1 billion products, which can help you find the best products that are selling well on Amazon.

This tool will also show you how much money your competitors are making per month with their items, so if they’re making more money than you, then there’s probably something wrong with your product or marketing strategy!

For more info about this free tool, follow Sellics review article on our website.


AMZScout is a keyword research tool that uses data from Amazon to find the best keywords for your products. It has a free trial and a 14-day refund policy.

In many ways, this tool is similar to other tools on this list: it can show you how many people are searching for specific terms, their buying habits, and which ones are most likely profitable. However, AMZScout goes one step further by providing meta-data about each keyword, so you know exactly what kind of content works well for each one (e.g., whether it’s appropriate for an article about gardening or not).

Viral Launch

The Viral Launch is a tool that helps you find the best-selling products on Amazon. It shows you the best-selling products in each category and the most profitable ones to sell. It also shows you what keywords are being used to find those products.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a product research tool that helps you find profitable products to sell on Amazon. It was founded in 2012 and has been used by over 3 million people since then. It’s one of the most popular tools around when it comes to finding profitable products, so if you’re looking for something similar, this might be worth checking out.

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Jungle Scout allows users to perform searches across multiple categories (including clothing), making it easy for them to get an idea of what their competitors are selling while giving them access to fresh ideas themselves! The platform provides detailed information about each product, including:

  • Product name and description
  • Pricing details (eBay/Amazon)
  • Actual photo(s) taken from all relevant listings

Check Jungle Scout reviews to find more data about this company.

Helium 10

Helium 10 is a brand new tool that helps you find the best-selling products on Amazon. Helium 10 uses machine learning algorithms to help you find the best products to sell.

Helium 10 can show you the best keywords, niches and categories to focus on.

Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher is an Amazon product research tool that provides you with the best keywords for your product. It helps you find the right keywords to rank your products on Amazon.

Unicorn Smasher will provide a list of potential searches, which include things like:

  • best selling pillows” (to help you save time)
  • pillow cases” (to make sure that it’s something people are searching for)
  • pillow top mattress review” (so they can see what other people think about this kind of thing.)


AmazeOwl is a useful tool for finding new products. You can search for keywords, brands and products to find what you’re looking for. It also has an option to add existing Amazon product information, like reviews and price drops, so it’s easy to keep track of your favorite products.

AmazOwl helps you narrow your search by adding filters such as “newest” or “bestseller.” Once you’ve found a few options that interest you, AmazOwl will allow you to create a list of potential purchases so that all future research can be done quickly and efficiently!


AMZShark is a chrome extension that allows you to search for products on Amazon. It has both a search bar and tabs, which include:

● Search by category (this will show all the categories that have products within your chosen query)

● Search by keyword (this will show all items with similar words in their title or description)


ASINspector is a tool that helps you to find profitable products to sell on Amazon. It has a keyword research tool, a product database and a PPC analyzer. The unique feature of this tool is its ASINfinder feature which allows you to find the best-selling products in your niche by using filters like popularity, price and reviews etc.

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Merchant Words

Merchant Words is a keyword research tool for Amazon. It helps you find profitable products to sell on Amazon and also provides valuable data about your competitors.

They offer a free trial and a paid version. The paid version costs $29/month (or $59/year).


Algopix is a product research tool that lets you see how customers view your products, their purchasing habits and other vital data. You can use it to get a clear picture of what people think about your brand or even find out if there’s an audience for specific products before you start selling them.

Here are some of the main features of Algopix:

  • Real-time insights into how customers view your brand
  • Searchable database of reviews and ratings
  • Ability to sort results by date, product category or other filters


These are just a few of the best Amazon product research tools to help you find the products that will sell. We’ve gone through them all, filtered out the ones that didn’t make sense and left only those with detailed information on how they work and what kind of results they can provide. We hope this list has helped you narrow down your search.

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