Seller Approval Requirement Tools & Services

As you know, Amazon limits some brands and categories for its vendors. There are different ways to get rid of this restriction. If you want to approving your categories and brands on your own, you should wait a long time, but if you are in a hurry, you should use servers and helpful tools for faster approval. In this article, we are going to talk more about these services and tools. So stay with us until the end.

Why Amazon Restricts Some Categories & Brands?

Before we get to know the tools, it’s best to answer the important question of why Amazon imposes restrictions on new vendors for some products, categories and brands?

There are several reasons for Amazon to do so, the most important of which is to prevent the sale of fik brands and counterfeit goods to the public. Some categories are highly sensitive, such as beauty, and if the sale of Fick products becomes common, there is a possibility of harm to buyers.

Second, it is forbidden to sell products that can only be made by prescription on Amazon, which is why the sale of some products on Amazon is restricted.

The third is that Amazon is always trying to avoid uncontrolled price increases due to shortages of goods. Therefore, it tries to limit the categories and brands that are produced in small numbers in the market for new vendors to avoid uncontrolled price increases by these vendors. Amazon has other reasons and policies for these restrictions, which are not possible to explain all of these reasons in this article. Below we will introduce restricted categories on Amazon.

Amazon Restricted Categories in 2022

Restricted categories on Amazon change from time to time. Below is a list of Amazon’s restricted categories:

  1. Video, DVD & Blu-ray
  2. Fine Jewelry
  3. Sexual Wellness
  4. Clothing, Accessories, Shoes& Luggage
  5. Automotive & Power sports
  6. Entertainment Collectibles
  7. Sports Collectibles
  8. Grocery & Gourmet Foods
  9. Major Appliances
  10. Gift Cards
  11. Textbook Rentals
  12. Collectible Coins
  13. Amazon Watch Warranty
  14. Kindle Accessories
  15. Streaming Media Players
  16. Toys and Games (Holiday Selling Guidelines)
  17. Laser pointers and other laser products
  18. Collectible Books
  19. Made in Italy
  20. Fine Art

The last update to this list is September 2022. Click here to view the newest list of restricted categories.

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How to Get Ungated on Amazon?

The first step to lifting Amazon’s restrictions is to have an Amazon professional plan account. Then find a product by searching for the name or ASIN through the restricted category or brand you want to sell, and click “Listing Limitation Apply”. Then click on “Request Approval”. Continue the process of lifting restrictions depending on the type of category or brand you want to sell. Keep in mind that removing restrictions on most brands and categories on Amazon is a difficult and time-taking task.

Usually, following Amazon’s path, it requests documents to lift restrictions, the most common of which are:

  1. Letter from the Brand or Manufacturer Owner
  2. Monetary fees
  3. Itemized Invoice with Information About Your Supplier
  4. Documentation or Extra Information

The documents mentioned above are among the public documents. The rest of the documents for your chosen category will be requested by Amazon. For example, if you want to sell medical supplies, Amazon will ask for an FDA degree.

In the meantime, there are some companies that will do ungating work for you by receiving a fee from you and lifting the restrictions. With the help of these servers, you will be removed as quickly as possible in the category or brand you want to operate in, and the cost you are paying is definitely worth the less patience.

Amazon Ungating Service providers charge different fees from customers, so try to be careful in choosing these companies so that the quality of the work done, the cost of doing the work, the delivery time are lower.

 Best Seller Requirement Approval Tools & Services

Below we introduce some of the most popular companies in the field of ungating.

1) TheFunnelGuru

The oldest and most experienced company to lift Amazon’s restrictions is FunnelGuru. Rest assured that the site is authentic because it has been off limits amazon vendors for many years, but keep in mind that the company’s prices are higher than other companies. So if the quality of the job is more important to you than the price of the job, the best company for you is FunnelGuru. In the following image, you can see the company’s prices.

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Click here to view prices and other details about FunnelGuru.

2) Ungating Amazon

UngatingAmazon is one of the good companies specializing in brands and category approval. The company’s prices are relatively lower compared to other companies, and if you’re looking to approval at a lower price, it’s probably the best option for you. In the following image, you can see the prices of this collection:

Click here to view prices and other details about Ungating Amazon.

3) TheUngatingWizard

The third and last company we are going to introduce to you to help you approve categories & brands is TheUngatingWizard. Like two other companies, the company enjoys high popularity and credibility, and you can register your order in this collection without worrying. The prices of this collection are:

  • Any 3 Brands – $1197
  • Any 10 Brands – $2997
  • Any 20 Brands – $4497
  • Any 3 Categories – $1197
  • Any 10 Categories – $2997
  • Any 20 Categories – $4497

Click here to get a dedicated package as well as advice from theUngatingWizard website.

Final Thoughts

In this article from ScanFair, we tried to introduce the best and most prestigious companies for approval categories and brands for new Amazon sellers. There are a myriad of other companies that have similar activities, but we tried to introduce in this article the companies that we are sure of. If you know another good company or have experience of using it, let us know in comments or introduce company by email to add the company name to this article.

Note that not getting help from companies for approval takes a very long time, and we recommend that you be sure to seek help from these servers, as time is the most valuable asset of any person. We hope this article has also been useful and useful for you.

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