SellerApp Reviews & FAQ

SellerApp is an all in one tool for Amazon sellers.

What is SellerApp?

Many people think that SellerApp is the same as SellerSnap, but these two are separate companies. SellerApp is not a single tool but consists of several Amazon sellers’ tools. In the essay, you will introduce this company’s tools. Also, if you want to get more info about other useful Amazon tools, follow ScanFair website.

1) Amazon FBA Calculator

This feature of SellerApp can calculate all product costs like FBA fees, marketing costs, and shipping fees.
For using this tool, copy the product URL or ASIN in this URL to see all the costs:

2) Free Keyword Research Tool

With this tool, you can easily find search volume, CPC, orders of product per month & available products on Amazon. To use this tool, go to this webpage:
Then choose your Amazon center (US – CA – UK – IN) and enter your keyword.
The free mode has a limit of 10 keywords. You need to buy the pro version if you want to see all keywords with their keyword difficulty and other valuable data.

3)Free Amazon Sales Estimator

One of the best tools of this company is the sale estimator. You can quickly analyze your competitors and know how many products they sell.

4) PPC Tool

Using Amazon’s sponsored ads (PPC) can increase sales quickly, but if your PPC campaign is not optimized, you can’t sell as much as you want. To optimize your PPC campaign, you can use the free tool of SellerApp company.
These are some of SellerApp’s tools. If you want to see all the features of this company, click here.

SellerApp Promo Codes

Use this code to get 50% off for your first subscription:


SellerApp Pricing

The starter plan of SellerApp is free forever. If you are a newbie Amazon seller or want to check the quality of tools, this plan is proper for you.
There are two other plans, Pro-Lite & Professional plan.
The pro-Lite plan is 49$ per month, but if you pay annually, it is only 39$.
The Professional plan is 99$ per month, and if you buy it annually, it is 79$. Check the below picture to find out the plan’s features and limits.

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SellerApp FAQ

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