Best Software to Sell on eBay & Amazon

Best software's to sell on Amazon.

Amazon and eBay are the world’s largest online stores, respectively, and several million sellers from all over the world are making money from these websites. Successful and large marketplace sellers usually use resources and methods to improve their sales, and this causes sales differences between sellers. One of the main resources and methods of successful sellers is to use existing tools. Many companies have produced tools and software for Amazon and eBay sellers, and in this article we are going to introduce the best of these software and tools to you, so stay with us until the end.

Can I sell on both Amazon and eBay?

Before we start introducing the software, it is better to answer a common question. The answer to this question is “yes”, but it is better to be aware of its aspects and difficulties. Do you see yourself as capable of handling customer support on both platforms properly? Do you know the rules of each platform separately, so you don’t get into trouble? Can you manage the taxes of two platforms? If your answer to these questions is yes, you can advance your activity in both marketplaces at the same time, otherwise it is better to focus on one of the platforms.
Adding products on both platforms and changing product specifications on eBay and Amazon at the same time is time-consuming, and this can be considered another disadvantage of promoting two marketplaces at the same time, but there are software for this purpose. They are known as multichannel listing software. In the following, we will talk more about these software products.

Multi-Channel Listing Software

It is called a category of software that is used to manage products on two or more marketplaces. Using these software products will help you a lot in saving time, and the possibility of errors in entering information in the platforms will also be minimized. Some of the most popular multichannel listing software are:

1) Sellbrite

Undoubtedly, the most popular software for multichannel listing is Sellbrite. This software works with major marketplaces such as: Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Google, Etsy, Shopify, Shopify plus, Sears, etc. Another attractive feature of this company is that it is free for new sellers and small businesses, which makes many new and new sellers come to this software to save money. In the figure below, you can see a picture of the user environment of this website.

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Sellbrite website's screenshot

2) Zentail

Compared to Sellbrite and other similar software, Zentail supports more marketplaces, so if you are looking to operate in a more unknown marketplace, this software can be a more suitable option than the others. This software does not focus only on multichannel and provides various services to sellers. In the image below, you can see a view of the website panel.

Zentail websie's panel

3) ChannelAdvisor

Everything you expect from a multichannel software can be found in ChannelAdvisor and this software is very advanced and evolved. But we recommend that you go to this company if you have a medium or large business, otherwise maybe software like Sellbrite is more suitable for you. One of the reasons for this is the higher price of ChannelAdvisor plans compared to other companies.

4) GeekSeller

GeekSeller is another multichannel software. The prices of this company start from $200 and go up to $1000. Among the features of this software, the following can be mentioned:
• Multi Channel Inventory Synchronization
• Real Time Inventory Update
• Order Management
• Repricing
• Order Fulfillment Tool
This software does not have high flexibility and is better for medium businesses.

5) SellerActive

SellerActive software is another popular software among sellers on Amazon and other marketplaces. This software helps sellers to establish communication between marketplaces with capabilities such as repricing, order management, inventory synchronization. The price of the basic plan of this software is 80 dollars per month. In the figure below, you can see the environment of this software.

Seller Active website and software panel.

Inventory Management Software

One of the problems that you may face as a result of working in several marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay is the problem of inventory management. Because your focus is spread over two or more marketplaces, you may forget that the stock of a product is low and do not remove it from the sales list, and this will cause an increase in negative comments, customer dissatisfaction, fines from Amazon, etc. to be In the following, we introduce a number of popular inventory management.

1) Orderhive

One of the well-known companies in inventory management is Orderhive. The activities of this company are not only limited to inventory management, but many services are provided for sellers by this company. In the image below, you can see some features of Orderhive.

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The prices of this company start from 95 dollars per month and continue up to 500 dollars. You can benefit from this company’s free trial for 15 days.

Orderhive features

2) Veeqo

Veeqo is a complete website for those who have a small business on Amazon or another marketplace. In addition to inventory management, this company also has other services that you can see in the picture below.

Veeqo website's features

3) Brightpearl

Brightpearl software supports the following marketplaces:
• BigCommerce
• Magento
• Shopify
• Amazon
• eBay
• Walmart
The services of this company are not limited to inventory management, like the other companies we have introduced, and you can see the services of this company in the picture below:

Bright Pearl website's features

Amazon & eBay Listing Software

In order to have a high sales rate on Amazon and eBay, it is better to use listing software. In the following, we introduce some popular software for use in these two marketplaces.

1) SellerApp

Few people can be found who are sellers on Amazon but are not familiar with SellerApp software. In addition to its listing tool, this popular company brings various other tools such as PPC, Keyword Finder and many other useful tools for Amazon and eBay users. If you want to know people’s opinions about this tool and learn more about its features, visit the SellerApp reviews page.

2) Sellbrite

We introduced this tool in the section of multichannel software, but this tool is so important in the discussion of listing that we also introduced it in this section. In general, this company provides valuable and good services to customers in all its activities.

3) Nembol

4) AccelerList

In this article from ScanFair, we introduced software that helps you sell on Amazon and eBay. If you know another useful tool, let us know in the comments section or via email so that we can add it to the article as soon as possible.

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