Best Retail Arbitrage Tools in 2023

You’ve probably heard that retail arbitrage is one of the easiest ways to make money on Amazon. You just buy a product from a store, send it to Amazon and sell it for more! Seems too good to be true and it is. There’s a lot of hard work involved in finding those deals and making sure you’re getting the best price for them. Luckily, there are tools available to help make your life easier. In the essay, we will introduce you this tools.

1) Tactical Arbitrage

Tactical Arbitrage is a tool that helps you find products to sell online. It is an automated software that helps you find new products to sell on Amazon.

It works by scanning the top 100 best sellers on Amazon for a given product and then it finds similar products.

2) CamelCamelCamel

CamelCamelCamel is a price tracker that monitors Amazon prices. You can search by product and see historical pricing data. It also provides price history over the last year, or over the last week.

You can also see price history for individual sellers, which is great if you’re trying to track how much others are selling an item for on eBay or elsewhere.

Know More About CamelCamelCamel

3) Helium 10

The third tool we’ll talk about is Helium 10. This software will help you find the best deals on Amazon, matching them with your personal preferences, then executing your orders in a simple and streamlined way.

Helium 10 is one of the most popular tools among Amazon sellers.

The extension lets you search for products directly from your browser and add them to your cart without leaving the page you are viewing. It also allows you to see how much inventory is available of each product on Amazon so that you can tell if it’s worth buying right now or if there might be better deals down the road. This can be especially helpful when considering whether or not it would be worth it for one item over another: if one has more in stock than another, but costs more per unit price (for example), then even though its total price may be greater than an item with less available stock, it won’t necessarily yield better returns after factoring shipping costs into consideration; by contrast however another choice might have fewer units available overall but still cost less per unit than either option because its shipping charges are lower thereby creating higher profit margins overall which would make sense if those extra savings offset any decrease in profits due to having fewer items sold overall (or vice versa).

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4) BrainTree Pricing Scout

BrainTree Pricing Scout is a powerful tool for monitoring prices on Amazon.

In the past, I have used third party tools like JungleScout and CanIRank to monitor product prices in order to find arbitrage opportunities. These tools provide valuable information about what products are selling at what price, but they do not allow you to set up alerts when the price of a specific product changes. That’s where the BrainTree Pricing Scout excels: it allows you to set up alerts so that whenever a specific item drops below an amount that you specify, an email will be sent directly to your inbox letting you know about this opportunity!

5) Inventory Lab

Inventory Lab is a paid tool that helps you find the best prices to sell your products at. It also helps you find the best places to buy your products, so you don’t have to spend hours on Google trying to figure it out yourself. Inventory Lab has many other features as well, such as finding items that are selling in-demand on Amazon and automatically stocking up when they’re at their lowest price point (allowing for quick shipping times).

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6) Profit Bandit (Android, iOS)

Profit Bandit is a retail arbitrage app that helps you find the best deals on Amazon. The Profit Bandit scanner uses the same technology as eBay sniper and Profit Bandit Pro, but for Amazon. This means it will scan all of your listings for price changes, letting you know when something has dropped in price or increased in price by more than 2%.

With Profit Bandit Pro (the subscription version), these alerts come with a little more info—like an image of what the listing looks like now and then, so you can see what’s changed since last time.

7) Sellery (Android, iOS)

Sellery is a mobile app that allows you to scan barcodes and see price history, as well as track price drops. You can also use it to find inventory. Sellery is available for Android and iOS.

8) ScanPower Mobile (iOS)

ScanPower Mobile is a great option for any retail-arbitrager who wants to keep their phone in their pocket while they scan products. This app has a few different scanning modes, including one where you can use the built-in barcode scanner and another that lets you enter prices by hand. You can also use ScanPower Mobile to track price history trends on products across multiple websites—useful if you’re trying to find out if an item will go down in price or up! As with all these apps, I recommend only using ScanPower Mobile when there is Wi-Fi available so as not to rack up insane data charges on your mobile plan.

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9) ScoutIQ (iOS)

ScoutIQ is a retail arbitrage tool for iOS. It can tell you the best time to buy an item on Amazon and has a built in scanner that you can use to scan barcodes and get pricing from Amazon. The app also tells you which items are likely to be profitable, based on their past performance. If ScoutIQ thinks it’s not worth buying an item, the app will give it a thumbs down icon next to its name on your list of items to scan!

10) Amazon Seller App (Android, iOS)

The Amazon Seller App is a free app that lets you scan barcodes and find out what other sellers are selling the same product for on Amazon. You can also see how many units are available, and how many sellers are selling that item. This will give you an idea of how well your potential purchase will sell if you decide to resell it on Amazon.

11) Keepa

Keepa is a browser extension you can install on your Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browser to track prices in real time. It’s free, and it works with Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Best Buy and

Once you’ve installed the extension on your chosen browser, Keepa will automatically display the price history of any product you visit in your browser window without having to do anything extra other than browsing like normal. This makes it good for finding deals quickly when you have time constraints or are just browsing casually without any urgency (in which case I recommend checking out an app like Slick Deals).

12) Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a great tool for finding profitable products to sell on Amazon. It helps you find the best-selling products on Amazon, and tells you how much you can expect to make from each product. Jungle Scout also helps you find the best keywords for your products.

Jungle Scout Reviews

13) Hello Profit

Hello Profit is a great tool for Amazon arbitrage. It costs $29 per month, but it will help you find profitable products on Amazon and make money from them. It’s an all-in-one software for Amazon sellers that includes everything from profit calculator to product research, accounting, inventory management and more!

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Hello Profit is a powerful tool that helps your business run smoothly without any manual work so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business!


As you can see, there are a lot of different tools out there that make retail arbitrage easier for Amazon sellers. When deciding which one is right for you, think about what your goals are and what type of information you want to gather. You also need to consider what kind of experience each tool provides. Sometimes an app needs updating before it will work properly; others have more features than others but might not be as user-friendly or easy on the eyes. It’s up to you which tool seems like the best fit!

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