Ultimate Guide to Gut Ungated in Nike Brand

Ultimate Guide to Gut Ungated in Nike Brand

You’ve heard the rumors—some brands are restricted on Amazon. But what exactly does this mean? And which brands are prohibited? Is it possible for a brand to open up its options for sellers and get unrestricted approval? The good news is yes! There are many ways to get your product listed on Amazon without dealing with ungated restrictions and approval processes. Following these tips can increase your sales while maintaining high-quality control standards. In the essay we in Scan Fair will talk more about this topic.

What is Ungating on Amazon?

Ungating is a process by which Amazon sellers can remove their products from the approval process. To get ungated, you need to have a feed that meets all of Amazon’s guidelines. If your product is accepted for listing in general fulfillment or FBA warehouses, it will be possible for you to be ungated.

Gating only applies when selling physical products through the Amazon marketplace—it doesn’t apply to digital goods at all. Ungated refers specifically to the approval process between an individual seller and Amazon, while gating has more general applications outside that framework.

Is Nike Brand Restricted on Amazon?

Nike is a brand that many customers search for on Amazon. However, it’s also one of the most restricted brands. If you’re trying to sell Nike products on Amazon and get ungated, here are some tips:

The first step may seem obvious, but it’s important to ensure that your product isn’t restricted before going through further steps (this can save a lot of time). To do this in the U.S., click here and type “Nike” into the search bar at the top of the page; then look for a green box next to “Restricted Brands: No Brand Restriction”—if there is no green box beside this line then Nike has been ungated in your area, and you can move onto Step 2 below!

How to Get Approval to Sell Nike Products on Amazon Market Place?

Nike is a popular brand in the U.S., it is not restricted. The same goes for Europe and Asia as well. Nike is also popular in India and other markets around the world. If you sell a Nike branded product, you can sell it on Amazon without any approval or restriction on your account by Amazon staff if Nike has approved your product to sell on their website or offline stores like Foot Locker, etc.

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How Much Money Should I Pay for Getting Ungated on Nike Brand?

You can pay anywhere between $200 to $3000. The higher the price, the faster you will get approval.

Also, choose a company with a good reputation and reviews. Many companies are not reliable, so be careful!

Amazon Approved Brands

Are you wondering how to get approval to sell Nike products on Amazon?

Are you looking for brands that Amazon approves?

When it comes to the world of selling on Amazon, one name is famous; Nike. Getting approval to sell Nike products has always been a big deal, and many people want to know how other sellers have gotten their hands on it and how they managed to do so. The answer is simple: no secret recipe or magic trick is involved in getting their approval.


Many brands are not gated on Amazon. They can be sold by anyone who is registered to sell on Amazon. Nike Brand is one such brand and cannot be sold ungated. The only option for selling Nike products on Amazon is to get approved for gating (which means paying a fee for the approval process). If you want to sell Nike products on Amazon, you must consider going through the gating process before signing up as an FBA seller.

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