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What is ZonGuru?

ZonGuru is one of the most popular companies among Amazon sellers. This company consists of different tools that we will introduce in the essay.

1) Product Research Tool

Everything you need to know about product researching on Amazon is available in ZonGuru’s product researching extension.
This tool can show you the monthly sale of products on Amazon to help you to choose profitable products to sell. Also, with this tool, you can see each product’s strengths and weaknesses, so you can decide better if that product is suitable to sell or not.

2) Monitoring & Alert Tool

Hijacking is a serious problem for Amazon sellers. ZonGuru will notify you when someone tries to hijack your products list. Also, you will get notified when there is a new comment or review on your products page.
Another usage of ZonGuru is for tracking the position of products on Amazon. With this option, you can know if your Amazon’s SEO is getting better or worse.

3) Engagement with Customers

ZonGuru makes this possible to send automatic emails & reviews to reach out to your customers. This option will increase your popularity among customers and helps you to improve sales.

4) Competitor Analysis

If you don’t know how your competitors are selling their products, it will be tough for you to find success. ZonGuru brings you the keywords that your competitors are selling products with them.

5) Dashboard Management

If your business grows up, managing orders manually will be so hard. With the help of this tool, you can manage all the events in your dashboard, like declining inventory, the status of sending recent orders and other valuable data.

ZonGuru Pricing

ZonGuru has 2 active plans (Researcher Plan & Seller Plan). The researcher plan starts from 39$ per month, and the seller plan starts from 49$ per month.
If you are a newbie to Amazon, the researcher plan can be enough for you, but if you are a bit professional and want to use all features of this website, you should buy the seller plan.
Note that you will get up to 40% discount if you pay annually.

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For more info about each plan, follow the link below:


ZonGuru Discount Codes

Click on the link below to get 50% off for your first subscription:
Also, if you want to get other Amazon tools’ amazing discounts, follow the ScanFair website.

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