AMZFinder Pricing And Reviews 2022

AMZFinder is one of the best tools for review managing & feedback request.

What is AMZFinder?

AMZFinder is a company similar to feedbackwhiz & feedback Genius. This tool helps you to boost your Amazon sale and profit by growing your positive reviews. AMZFinder also has customized email templates to react to buyers and sellers automatically. This tool will notify you the positive and negative reviews by emailing you.

AMZFinder Pricing & Coupon Codes

AMZFinder has two different services (customer email – review management). In the essay, you can see the 2022 pricing of these services.
Customer email service has 3 different plans basic, pro and enterprise. The basic plan is 19$ per month. For the pro plan, you should pay 30$ per month, and the enterprise plan starts from 59$ per month.
Review management plans start from 29.99$ per month, and it is named as starter plan. The second plan is called basic, and it is 34.99$ per month. The Pro plan starts from 39.99$, and the enterprise plan is 54.99$ per month.

For more info about different plans, click on the link below.

How do I monitor reviews on Amazon?

You can monitor your Amazon reviews manually but consider it so time-consuming. Using tools like AMZFinder, Feedbackwhiz & Feedback Genius is the best to monitor reviews. For more info about review manager tools, follow the ScanFair website.


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