Jungle Scout Reviews

Jungle Scout is one of the most popular tools among Amazon sellers.

What is Jungle Scout?

Without exaggeration, Jungle Scout can be called the most complete tool for Amazon sellers. You can find various tools for your Amazon advertising, product tracking, and many other useful tools. In the essay, we will introduce some of this company’s tools.

1) Rank Tracker

Checking product rankings manually on Amazon can take a long time for you. If your product rankings are important for you, add them to the Jungle Scout rank tracker and see full details of your product’s rank.

2) Review Automation

With this tool, you can request reviews in bulk, manage all reviews and save your time. For more info about the features of this tool, click here.

3) Advertising Analytics

This tool gathers all data of your PPC campaign and evaluates if your campaign was successful or not, and gives you solutions to improve your campaign performance.

4) Product Finder

I think the most exciting tool of Jungle Scout is the product finder. If you are looking for profitable products with low competition and want to sell products fast, use this tool to get the product’s name.

Due to the high number of products, it was impossible to provide a complete description of each. You can see all Jungle Scout services in the image below. Also, if you are looking for more information about these tools, follow the link below:


Jungle Scout Pricing

There are 3 main plans for Jungle Scout: Basic, Suite & Professional.
The basic plan is 49$ (per month) for monthly billing & 29$ (per month) for annually billing.
The Suite plan is 69$ (per month) for monthly billing & 49$ (per month) for annually billing.
The professional plan is 129$ (per month) for monthly billing & 89$ (per month) for annually billing.
You can see the details of each plan in the image below:

If these plans are unsuitable for you, email support@junglescout.com and request the enterprise plan.

Jungle Scout Coupon Codes

250$ discount on purchase subscription by clicking on the following link:



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